Water Supply Services

The main water sources for Tanga City population are Mwakileo Borehole and Mabayani reservoir located at Mabayani village 26 kilometers away from Tanga Town. Mwakileo Borehole have a production capacity of 3,120m3/day while Mabayani Dam have a water storage capacity of 7.7million cubic meters. The reservoir is built across Zigi River which flows from the Usambara Mountains fed by a catchment area of 895sq.km. The reservoir environment is surrounded with natural grass vegetation and trees covering an area of 233.8Ha.

Water sources for Muheza Town population are Mkulumuzi river with an intake located at Magoroto Mountains 11.5km away from Muheza Town and five Boreholes located at various areas within six (6) wards of jurisdiction area namely Genge, Majengo, Kwemkabala, Masuguru, Mbaramo and Tanganyika. The intake has production capacity of 800m3/day – 1,500m3/day during dry season and rainy season respectively while five Boreholes produces water at an average of 346m3/day.

The population of Pangani Township depends on three working Boreholes out of six for water. The boreholes are located at Boza area in Kimang’a Ward 4km away from Pangani town. The boreholes have a capacity of producing water at an average of 916m3/day. During the period, water source surroundings were well protected and maintained. Mabayani Jointly Environmental Committee participated in continual educating and involving neighboring communities in water source protection activities.