Know How to Read Your Meter

The Tanga- UWASA bills its customers each month based on the water usage registered on each account's meter. Customers often ask how to read their water meter. We hope "How to Read your Meter" explains this process. Plus, it also gives you money-saving leak detection tips.

Where to find your meter

For Residential Customers: In most cases, the water meter is located at the front of the property near the street .
< For Commercial Customers: In most cases, the water meter is located at the front of the property, or could be located in the back or side of property under ground. In some cases depending on the size of the commercial property, the meter will be locked under ground in a large vault. In these cases, do not attempt to obtain a reading.
When looking at the water meter, locate the white numbers on the right side of the meter dial with the black background. These numbers count the number of gallons of water that have passed through your meter.

How Determining Your Water Usage

Use the following example to help read your meter:
Select a day to take an initial water meter reading.
After a period of time has passed (such as a day or week), read your meter again. (ex. new reading of 32199) Subtract your first reading from the second reading. This is your water usage for that period. (ex.32199— 32184 = 15)meter cubic.
The 15 figure indicates that 15 Cubic Meter of water have been used during the time period between the two readings.

If you have any questions about reading your meter, please communicate with Tanga- UWASA Public Relations Office or Call 0800110111 for free