Mabayani Dam - Pande Tanga
Sigi Water

Water Production

Raw water from Mabayani dam is pumped to water treatment plant situated in Mowe village about 6 kilometres from the dam.


From the treatment plant water is gravitating to water reservoir in Kange and Nguvumali in Tanga City before distributed to the customers via 515.2km water network.


The main processes attributing water supply in Tanga City are including: water extraction, water treatment, water distribution and sewage management and disposition.


The authority is practicing a conversion water treatment works with two upward pulsator clarifiers  and eight rapid sand filters  with the maximum utilization capacity of 42,000m3/day.


Raw water received from Mabayani Dam is processed at Mowe water treatment plant through various treatment processes to obtain clean and safe water.


The average quantity of water received is 1250 m3/hour with turbidity range of 3NTU to 1000NTU.


Water production process involves use of chemicals like Aluminium sulphate and polyelectrolyte as coagulant and coagulant aid, lime for pH adjustment and Calcium hypochlorite as disinfectant.


The water treatment process at Mowe includes pre-liming, Coagulation/flocculation, clarification, filtration and disinfection.


Due to the City demand the Authority is currently producing 27000 cubic meters per day of safe and clean water.   




Pump House-Mabayani


Clarifiers - Mowe


Laboratory - Mowe