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Report a leak online

We are working hard to reduce leakage and your help is appreciated. If you see a leak, please let us know. Report a leak 24 hours a day by calling Toll Free Numbers: 0752/0782 800001 or 0713800252 or by completing our online form below. We will need to make a record of your details to help us to locate the leak and to allow us to contact you if we need more information.

Make a note of the location of the leak (postcodes and street names are very useful). Try to assess the speed of the leak and note a description of the situation. Call us on Toll Free Numbers: 0752/0782 800001 or 0713800252 or report the leak online as soon as possible.

Outside your home address
In another location
Inside your home or property boundary

If there is a leak on the part of the service pipe within the propert= y boundary the responsibility for making a repair falls to the property = owner. For more information please see the Leaks pages, in the 'Pipes' m= enu on the left.

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We will securely retain details you provi= de to us. Please see our Data Protection and Privacy Policy for more det= ails. If you submit this form to us we may use the information throughou= t the organisation.