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Customer Service FAQs

What is the cost of new water connection?

  • Fittings cost
  • Excavation and back filling
  • Agency fee 20% of the total
  • cost VAT 20%


What are the new water connection procedures?

  • An applicant should fill the application form for 15minutes
  • The responsible Zone officer should make survey to the customer’s premises and Produce cost estimate
  • An applicant should be informed the costs of new connection after 7 days from the date of application.
  • Payments for new connection should be made at Tanga UWASA offices and official receipts obtained.
  • The connection shall be ready after 7 days from the date of payment.


Why do we pay for water connection?

You should pay for water connection for sustainable water supply


Why do I pay for service charges?

You pay for Service charges for sustainable services.


What are the importances of using sewerage system?

  • For hygiene purpose
  • Prevent overflow of sewer water in septic tanks especially during rain seasons.
  • Save costs of building septic tanks and empting.
  • Reduces over clouded septic tanks at home.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Reduce water borne diseases


Why does water need to be disinfected?

Disinfectants are required because they prevent the spread of germs that cause diseases. Years ago, before disinfectants were used for drinking water, diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever, and dysentery were common. Drinking water disinfection has vastly improved the quality and safety of drinking water.


What means of communication should I use to communicate with Tanga-UWASA?

  • Telephones
  • Postal box Addresses
  • P.O BOX 5011,Tanga
  • Physical address
  • Swahili street.No.3


Who should I call in case of a water emergency, such as a water line break or broken fire hydrant?

For water emergencies, call the Tanga Uwasa Office through Toll free lines only 0753 800001 na 0782 800001.


Is Tanga UWASA responsible for plumbing leaks?

The Tanga UWASA take responsibility for the water system on the Company's side of the meter. Customers are responsible for maintaining the plumbing on their side of the meter.disinfection has vastly improved the quality and safety of drinking water.


How do I discontinue or transfer my water service?

To stop your water service, please contact the tanga UWASA Public Relations Officer by phone, mail, fax, or e-mail and request to have the service taken out of your name. If you are moving within our service area and would like to transfer your service, please call the tanga UWASA Public Relations Officer.


When I have problems concerning water services where and whom should I consult?

The Public Relations Officer