Mabayani Dam - Pande Tanga
Sigi Water

Sewerage Services

Continuous flow of sewage towards the Indian Ocean was maintained throughout the year, by regularly cleaning the sewer system and timely attendance to the blockages.  A total of 112.8km of sewer lines were cleaned (compared to a total sewer length of 33km) and 27 blockages (same as 2004/05) were unblocked and also 7 collapses were repaired. 


Mobilisation for sewer connection was done by using pamphlets, newspapers and customers were only required to pay only TShs. 5,000/= to be connected to the sewerline a task which the Authority was subsidizing an average of TShs. 75,000/= per connection.


A total of 50 new customers were connected to the sewerage system being the annual target.  Mobilisation for connections is being reinforced. The quality of sewage was monitored for 12 months, once every month at the sea outfall and at particular points liable to pollution.  Customers were educated on the proper use of the sewage system to avoid excessive pollution loading.


A total of 60 samples of sewage were analysed and the average BOD5 at the sea outfall was 514 mg/l compared to 542 mg/l of 2004/05 as compared to 542mg/l of last year due to point pollutions from garages and other Small Scale Industries.


Since more customers with varying quality of sewage are connecting to the sewerage system thus increasing the pollution load to the Indian Ocean, the authority is therefore working on a proposal for the construction of a sewage treatment facility i.e. oxidation ponds.  The Authority has acquired 15 hectares of land in Kiomoni for the construction of oxidation ponds.